artemisia in veld


About Moxxa

Our Moxxa adventure has its origins in China. Local friends told us about the anti-bacterial power of the Artemisia plant, also called Moxa.

Many interesting and special brainstorming sessions have led to us jointly developing a yarn suitable for socks. After a period of testing and development for fit and permanent anti-bacterial properties, our socks turned out to have all the good properties.

artemisia bosje


Not only the socks but also the way in which we collaborate with our producer makes this story special for us. The producer donates the seeds of the Artemisia plant to local farmers and then buys back the harvest. In this way, local poverty is combated.

artemisia met schaar

Round the Circle

Back in the Netherlands, we wanted to complete the circle and that led us to donate socks to an organization that is socially committed; The Salvation Army! The homeless and vulnerable people they help usually wear their socks for more than a day and there is therefore a need for extra socks. We have therefore developed it especially for them in an extra warm, soft and anti-bacterial version.

handen ontvangen

You purchase we donate!

For every 5 pairs of socks you buy, we donate a pair of special socks to the Salvation Army - Healthy feet for everyone!